Review Center

  • balansayThe Office of the Review Center is committed to make Batangas State University a top performing school in all its programs with licensure examination. Strategies were undertaken to ensure the best performance of our students in their respective board examinations. Collaboration with other review centers of high ethical standards and top caliber reviewers is being done to attain this pursuit. Here at the Batangas University, we believe that there is no substitute to preparedness in passing the board exam. We continuously update our curriculum making it attuned to the needs of the industries and likewise catering to the requirements in the board exam. It is our utmost goal to attain 100% passing in the licensure examinations in all our programs making us a center of excellence in Engineering, Education, Nursing, Accountancy, Criminology and Customs Administration.


    Asst. Prof Maria Lourdes V. Balansay
    Asst., Director, Review Center