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    A. Bachelors Degree

         A foreign applicant who graduated from a high school abroad and has not enrolled in college may be admitted to the University provided that the following requirements are met: (1) completed secondary education from his country; (2) passing rate in a college qualifying national or international foreign-administered examination such as General Certificate of Education (GCE), the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or any equivalent examination:

    • GCE: with a grade of E in other subjects covered in the GCE an two level A passes in the related subjects required in the course applied
    • SAT: with minimum combined score of 1200 in Mathematics, Critical Reading and Writing sub-test areas.

    B. Masters and Doctoral Degree

          A foreign applicant who has completed a bachelor’s degree may be admitted to the Master’s program, while an applicant who has completed a Master’s degree may be admitted to the doctorate program, provided that (1) the academic requirements for the graduate degree being applied for were met and (2) passed the University’s English Proficiency Test.

    C. English Proficiency Test

          Applicants whose native language or whose medium of instruction is not English are required to have a minimum score of 46-59 iBT (and its equivalent PBT) in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and 5.5 iBT (and its equivalent PBT) in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Applicants must present a copy of his scores to the University. Batangas State University, GPB Main Campus I, Rizal Ave. Batangas City, 4200, Philippines. Applicants who did not pass the TOEFL and TOEIC requirements will undergo the Intensive English Language Program administered by the University’s English Department.

    D. BatStateU Admission Test

            A bachelor’s degree applicant who fails to satisfy the required foreign-administered examination described in Item I.A shall take the BatStateU Admission Test. Applicants who are required to take the BatStateU Admission Test are advised to apply for examination two months prior to the beginning of a particular semester. A Special Admission test may be given upon request. The BatStateU Admission Test consists of subtests in English, Mathematics, Science and Abstract Reasoning.

    E. Filipino Applicants from Abroad

           Filipinos who graduated from schools abroad applying for (bachelor, master’s and doctorate) degree in the University must also satisfy the same requirements as those for foreign students.

    F. Application for Deferment of Enrollment

          A qualified applicant who, for a valid reason, cannot enroll in the semester originally applied for may apply for deferment in the succeeding semester by writing to the University Registrar. Such applicant must not have taken any academic college subject prior to enrolment.


    1. Accomplished admission foreign students application form downloadable at
    2.  A non-refundable application fee of Php 300 for resident foreign students and US$20 for non-resident foreign students in cash, money order, cashier’s or manager’s check payable to Batangas State University
    3. Upper secondary school certificate with a grade equivalent issued by the Department of Education of the country of origin (if freshman) or TOR with equivalent grading system (if transferee) 4. Notarized affidavit of support including bank statements or notarized notice of grant for institutional scholars to cover expenses for the student’s accommodation and subsistence, as well as school dues and other incidental expenses (proof of financial capability)
    4. Photocopy of the student’s passport datapage showing the date and the place of birth
    5. Photocopy of birth certificate or its equivalent duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post
    6. Authentication from Consular Section of the Embassy of the Philippines in the country of origin
    7. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the country of origin
    8. Clearance issued by the national (or federal, whichever is applicable) police authorities in the student’s country of origin or legal residence duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post having consular jurisdiction over the place
    9. Medical health certificate issued by an authorized physician (from country of origin) including but not limited to chest x-ray, HIV and Hepatitis B clearance and drug test
    10. Official TOEFL or TOEIC results
    11. Student Visa
    12. For applicants in the graduate school, official transcript of records (1 official transcript of records and 3 photo copies) from the schools or university last attended and duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located at the student applicant’s country of origin or legal residence, and official examination certificates (certified English translations of documents must also be submitted), if any, (Duly designated authorities in the country of origin of the applicant shall authenticate the photocopied documents)

  • The fee for examination of applicants (bachelors) is PhP 1,800 (or its US dollar equivalent). For graduate students, the application fee is PhP 2,000 (or its US dollar equivalent). If an applicant gets, accepted, he will pay the tuition fees and miscellaneous fees which are as follows:

    A. Payment Scheme:

    Bachelor’s Regular Semester (First and Second Semesters)

    Particulars Amount (Php)
    Tuition Fee 250.00 per unit
    Registration 260.00
    Library Fee 622.00
    Athletic Fee 380.00
    Publication Fee 380.00
    Medical and Dental Fee 380.00
    Laboratory Fee 751.00
    NSTP 375.00
    ID (one-time fee) 235.00
    Anti-TB 15.00
    SCUAA 130.00
    Cultural Fee 173.00
    Security Fee 173.00
    HEMF /Unit 86.00
    Internet 300.00
    SSC 25.00
    Insurance 55.00
    Non-Resident Fee 10,000.00


    Particulars Amount (Php)
    Tuition Fee 250.00 per unit
    Registration 260.00
    Library Fee 622.00
    Medical and Dental Fee 380.00
    Guidance Fee 260.00

    On-the-Job Training

    Particulars Amount (Php)
    Tuition Fee 250.00 per unit
    Registration 260.00
    RLEF 622.00
    SSC 25.00

    Graduate Program (Masters and Doctoral)

    Particulars Amount (Php)
    Tuition Fee 500.00 per unit
    Registration 380.00
    Library Fee 751.00
    Journal Fee 751.00
    ID 235.00
    Medical and Dental Fee 547.20
    Graduate Development Fee 86.00/unit
    Non-Resident Fee 10,000.00

    Intensive English Language Proficiency Course

    Particulars Amount (Php)
    Program Fee (60 hours) 27,000.00 (plus 10% administrative cost)

    B. Estimated Personal Expenses

    Particulars Estimated Amount (Php)
    Lodging 2,500.00 /mo.
    Personal Allowances 5,000.00 /mo.
    Laundry 1,500.00 /mo.
    Books, supplies in school 5,000.00 /mo.


    C. Financial Assistance

    Foreign students’ scholarships are allowed to have scholarships from their country or from an international funding institution. BatStateU-Funded and Local Government-Funded scholarships are not available for foreign students.


  • A. Academic Year

    Batangas State University’s Academic Year has two regular semesters (first semester, August to December and second semester, (January to May) and summer (June to July).

    B. Medium of Instruction

    English is the primary medium of instruction used in the University

    C. Living Accommodations  inside the University

    Batangas State University has hostel and dormitories at the GPB Main Campus I, GPB Main Campus II and at BatStateU Nasugbu.

    D. About the Philippines Climate

    There are two seasons in the Philippines: Rainy season (June to October) and dry season (November to May).

    FOR FOREIGN TRANSFER STUDENTS (Those coming from other universities)

    1. Must have earned at least 33 academic units or more.
    2. Must submit ALL grades in all subjects taken from previous schools universities
    3. Must meet the required GWA for the degree program he/she is applying for.
    4. Must submit his/her transcript of records for evaluation purposes.
    5.  Must fill out an application form
    6. Must pay the application fee of $20 (subject to change)
    7. Must submit two passport size photos 8. If with gap, please submit an affidavit of no enrollment during the semester/year that you did not enroll.

    Meanwhile, the following are the requirements by the Bureau of Immigration:

    For new applicants (Student Visa Conversion):

    1. National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) Clearance from the Bureau of Immigration
    2. Medical Certification from the Bureau of Quarantine
    3. National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
    4. Duly accomplished Personal Data Sheet
    5. Photocopy of Passport (Bio-page, latest arrival, latest admission with valid authorized stay and valid Bureau of Quarantine Clearance)
    6. Bureau of Immigration Clearance Certificate

    For transferees (Student Visa Extension):

    1.  Commission on Higher Education Clearance Certificate
    2.  Honorable Dismissal or Certificate of Transfer from previous school
    3.  Photocopy of applicant’s ACR I-Card
    4. Bureau of Immigration Clearance Certificate
    5. Photocopy of Passport (Bio-page, and latest admission with valid authorized stay and visa implementation page)
    6. Barangay Clearance Certificate

    Foreign students may be allowed to enroll if they have the following types of visa:

    1. 9 (f) – Student visa
    2. 9 (e), 9 (e-1) or 9 (e-2) – Foreign government official or dependent
    3. 47 (a) (2) – Exchange fellow or scholar sponsored by an international organization
    4. 9 (g) – Pre-arranged employment (Working visa/Missionary)
    5. PD 218 – Foreign investor
    6.  9 (d) – Treaty trader
    7. 13, 13 (a) to 13 (g) – Permanent resident
    8. SRRV – Special Resident Retiree Visa
    9. SIRV – Special Investor Resident Visa



    • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

    • Master of Public Administration (MPA) (Thesis/Non-Thesis program)

    • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Thesis/Non-Thesis program)

    • BS Accountancy

    • BS Accounting Management

    • BS Applied Economics

    • BS Business Administration Major in:

    • Business Economics
    • Financial Management
    • Human Resource Development Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Operations Management

    • Associate in Accounting

    • Associate in Management

    • BS Hotel and Restaurant Management

    • BS Tourism Management

    • Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management

    • Associate in Tourism Management

    • BA Public Administration

    • BS Customs Administration

    • BS Entrepreneurship


    • Doctor of Technology

    • Master of Technology

    • Bachelor of Industrial Technology (BIT 4 – years)

    Ladderized – Dual Training System Application

    1 – year Vocational Course

    2 – years Technical Course

    3 – years Technician Course

    Major in:

    • Automotive Technology
    • Civil Technology
    • Computer Technology
    • Drafting Technology
    • Electrical Technology
    • Electronics Technology
    • Food Technology
    • Instrumentation and Control Technology
    • Mechanical Technology
    • Mechatronics Technology
    • Welding and Fabrication Technology


    • BS Nursing

    • BS Nutrition & Dietetics

    • Diploma in Midwifery (2 years)


    • BS Agriculture

    • BS Forestry

    • Certificate in Agricultural Science


    • One- year Seafarer’s Rating Certificate – Stewarding (SRC)


    • Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in: General Curriculum

    • Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in:



    • Professional Education – 21 Units


    • Nursery

    • Grades 1-6
    • Grades 7-10 (Junior High School)

    • Grades 11-12 (Senior High School)


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