General Appropriations Act of 2012 Section 93 The Transparency Seal Provision

1. Legal Basis and Mandates
2. Citizen’s Charter

3. Officials

4. University Annual Report

5. Annual Financial Reports

6. Report on Ageing of Cash Advance – Schedule of Advances to Officers and Employees

7. Major Programs and projects categorized in accordance with the five key results areas under EO No. 43 s, 2001

8.Physical Plan

9. Programs and Projects Beneficiaries

10. Status of Implementation and Program/Project Evaluation and/or Assessment Reports

11. Annual Procurement Plan

12. Procurement Process

13. Certificate of Compliance

14. University’s Operation Manual

15. QMS Certification by any international organization approved by Inter-Agency Task Force or ISO aligned QMS documents

16. Performance-Based Bonus System Ranking of Delivery Units and Individuals

17. Accountability Report Card

18. VIII. Freedom of Information (FOI) Manual