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Master of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (MSECE)

Program Educational Objectives:

The graduates of Master of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering after graduation shall:

  1. successfully practice as electronics engineering specialists for the welfare and advancement of society;
  2. demonstrate a high degree of professionalism in the workplace.

Student Outcomes

The graduate of Master of Science should have the ability to:

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive and broad understanding of engineering principles and apply advanced knowledge on the specific discipline;
  2. Analyze, synthesize, create and evaluate engineering systems;
  3. Design components, devices and systems to meet specified engineering needs under real – world constraints;
  4. Communicate effectively technical knowledge, both orally and in writing, on complex engineering activities;
  5. Function effectively as an individual, a team member, or as a leader in diverse work environments;
  6. Contribute to the generation, dissemination and preservation of engineering knowledge, methodologies, techniques, and processes;
  7. Engage in professional development and life-long learning;
  8. Conduct oneself within professional and ethical standards; and
  9. Perform independent scientific research that results in innovation with application.