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BS Interior Design
Program Educational Objectives (PEO)


To provide quality Interior Design education for national development, responsive to industry and global competitiveness.


  1. Promote learning, knowledge and theory in the discipline of interior design.

  2. Define the competencies, theoretical framework and philosophies that qualify the uniqueness of the interior design discipline.

  3. Establish an emphasis on the humanistic values and ethics of the interior design discipline in relation to health, safety and public welfare issues that confront interior design.

  4. Educate and develop responsible interior design graduates who have concern and responsiveness to the cultural, behavioral, functional, socio-psychological, physiological issues among others affecting the interior design practice and profession withn a national and global perspective.

  5. Foster a strong sense of nationalism arising from the realization of the role of interior design in the nation’s historical and cultural development.

BS Interior Design
Student Outcomes (SO)

The following skills, knowledge, and behavior are expected to be attained by students as they progress through the program:

  1. Identify, analyze and solve interior design problems
  2. Formulate and implement dsign concepts, strategies and/or approaches using new technology in interior design;
  3. Integrate theories, current issues, and design philosophies;
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of history of arts and period styles, materials of décor, furniture design, building construction, utilities and legislation, and color studies
  5. Effectively fuction and assimilate within a collaborative framework;
  6. Convey design proposal through visual, oral. Written and virtual communication
  7. Practice ethical professional values
  8. Perform according to interior design global standards,
  9. Exhibit sensitivity to cultural, social, and environmental issues and advocates.

BS Interior Design Curriculum

Click the link below to download the curriculum:
BS Interior Design Curriculum