Staff Members Attend Seminar-Workshop on Completed Staff Work

The Human Resources Management Office conducted a two-day seminar-workshop on Completed Staff Work for staff members on July 18-19 and 25-26, 2019 at the Lecture Room, International Affairs Office, CITE Building, BatStateU Pablo Borbon Main I, Batangas City. This aims to capacitate staff members in performing their responsibilities in ensuring an effective workflow process in the university.

Dr. Sharon C. Angulo, Head of HRMO in BatStateU JPLPC-Malvar, encouraged the staff members to make the most out of the training. She also informed them about the importance of CSW for it shall ensure clients the quality service that they deserve.

The seminar-workshop included lectures on Managing SUC Managers, CSW Concept and Principles, CSW Process and Planning Checklist, and CSW for different situations. The lectures provided taught the participants CSW practices on agenda preparation and other SUC-related documents that introduced them to the steps and guidelines of attaining a signature-ready paper. Participants were also taught how to develop a good relationship with their managers. This allowed them to understand their bosses and the management style they practice.

The speakers were Dr. Vanessah V. Castillo, Executive Assistant for External Affairs, Mr. Jonas Erik L. Ebora, Executive Assistant for Internal Affairs, Ms. Louwelyn Andal and Ms. Kristin Jose Valle from the Office of the University and Board Secretary, Ms. Richelle Boiser from the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Mr. Don Bravo Cuya of the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

To enhance their collaborative skills, the speakers divided the participants in groups with mixed members from different offices and campuses for the workshops. Conducted workshops enabled the participants to apply the concept and process of CSW in preparing SUC documents with different scenarios assigned to each group.