BatStateU honors 7, 296 graduates, completers in 51st Commencement Exercises

Batangas State University honored 7, 296 graduates and completers during its 51st Commencement Exercises on June 17-21, 2019 with the theme, “Expanding Institutional Mandates through Knowledge Creation, Social Relevance and Innovation”.

Dr. J. Prospero E. De Vera III, the Chairperson of the Commission on Higher Education, served as the guest speaker for the first day of the Commencement Exercises held at BatStateU Pablo Borbon Main (PBM) I.

“Competitiveness is not absolute and permanent. Your diploma assures you a place in the starting line of life but it does not guarantee that you will finish first in the finish line of success”, Dr. De Vera said, to challenge the graduates as they begin a new life with their diploma. Moreover, he encouraged the graduates to build up their adaptability skills in their chosen fields to be able to cope up with the changes and shifts in the 21st century.

In the middle of his speech, he injected brief stories about the three Batangueño Heroes who have played significant roles in the Philippine Revolution of 1896. They were Apolinario Mabini, Miguel Malvar, and Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio. Their stories were shared to remind the graduates that they can find inspiration in them as they embody the true meaning of perseverance, generosity and commitment to learning.

On the second day of graduation, Dr. Richard Abendan, Chief of Party for USAID STRIDE and Mr. Antonio “Tony” Meloto, Founder of Gawad Kalinga served as the guest speakers.

In the morning ceremonies at BatStateU PBM I, Dr. Abendan talked about uncertainty and how it can be seen as an opportunity for growth. “To maximize your chances and potential in becoming an innovator, or having a social impact in this world, you must be ready to tackle and take advantage of uncertainty”, he said.

Mr. Meloto, on the other hand, delivered his speech in the afternoon ceremonies held at BatStateU JPLPC- Malvar. He shared the story of his success and how he dealt with failures and challenges along the way. He also taught the graduates the value of education which—he believes—has helped him find his way out of poverty and his path to sustainable prosperity. He ended his speech inspiring the graduates to “turn disadvantages into opportunities”.

On June 19, the commencement exercises were graced by Dr. Emerlinda R. Roman, Former President of University of the Philippines, and Ar. Emmanuel M. Bagos of the Cathedral of Praise, Inc. Both of them delivered their speeches for graduates at BatStateU PBM I.

Dr. Roman, in her commencement address, reminded the graduates to be good citizens and contributors of the country. To be good citizens, she emphasized the essence of thinking beyond oneself. “[Know] the significance and value of your actions to society. You have a role to play in this world. Go out with confidence, determination to do what is good, [and] fill your life with a purpose”, she said.

In the afternoon, Ar. Bagos talked about the different challenges and sacrifices that can be encountered in the real world. He urged the graduates to enjoy the journey, to learn from every challenge, and to always be grateful to the people behind every success.

On the next day, June 20, Dr. Milabel E. Ho, President of Western Mindanao State University and Dr. Gonzalo C. Serafica, Consultant of De La Salle University led the commencement exercises which were also held at BatStateU PBM I.

In her message, Dr. Ho highlighted the importance of having personal values to succeed in one’s chosen profession. “Success will never be complete without your values”, she said. In order to grow, Dr. Ho shared that the idea of creating opportunities through innovation should be instilled into the minds of the graduates.

Dr. Serafica, likewise, shared his personal experiences as he inspired the graduates to follow their heart and passion. He also urged them to develop a sense of compassion and a thirst for new knowledge as they journey through the path of success.

On the last day of graduation, the speakers were Dr. Tirso A. Ronquillo, PASUC and BatStateU President, and Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon, the Former President of Ifugao State University.

“As Red Spartans, carry your spirit and embrace life with passion as you reach for your aspirations”, said Dr. Ronquillo in his congratulatory message held at BatStateU PBM I. The president stressed that the skills and knowledge equipped to every graduate should always be accompanied by the right attitude.  He pushed them to continuously search for opportunities to learn while carrying the core values that the university has taught them.

Dr. Ngohayon, meanwhile, addressed the graduates at BatStateU ARASOF-Nasugbu. His speech focused on encouraging the graduates to be confident and eager in seeking for new knowledge. He has also reminded the graduates that success is not measured by how much money one has but by how much service one has to give to people.

For this year’s batch, the University has produced 14 Magna Cum Laude, 195 Cum Laude, 18 Outstanding, 6 with High Honors and 162 with Honors graduates/completers.

University officials with the members of the Board and Executive Committee, also graced the momentous event.