B1M visits BatStateU for Tamang Kandidato sa Eleksyon 2019 Forum

The group of Bawat Isa Mahalaga (B1M) movement visited Batangas State University to conduct a voters education forum for students entitled, “Tamang Kandidato sa Eleksyon 2019 (TamaKa sa 2019)” on April 1 at the CITE Amphitheater, BatStateU Pablo Borbon Main I, Batangas City. This aims to encourage values-based voting among students in preparation for the 2019 national and local elections.

B1M is a non-partisan movement supported by various churches, faith-based organizations, cause oriented groups and other like-minded individuals, which seeks to transform the nation by empowering the Filipino people as a sovereign, just, righteous and compassionate community with a shared sense of destiny, to usher in a democratic nation. One of its key programs is the TamaKa sa 2019 forum which aims to influence Filipinos to vote for Senators who are upright and highly qualified for the upcoming elections on May 13, 2019.

VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Erma B. Quinay delivered the opening remarks where she highlighted the right of every Filipino to vote and how the youth can contribute in building a healthier democracy. “It is important that we take time to learn about the candidates- their capacity, their platforms and their agenda”, she said as it will help them determine the leaders that the country deserves.

B1M founder and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines Maria Lourdes A. Sereno, also took the stage to share the value of doing the right thing, citing some of the most challenging experiences she had serving the public and the country. She also encouraged the youth to stand up for what they believe is just. “Vote for people who will make your country great again. Vote for people who will stand for what is right regardless of the personal consequences. Vote for those who will give you a good future”, she said.

Dr. Mel Luna, a B1M volunteer, gave lectures on the importance of elections, the roles of Senators and the basis for choosing the best candidates. He also facilitated a session where students were familiarized with the senatorial candidates and their track records. This enabled them to assess each candidate based on the values of Maka-Diyos, Maka-Tao and Maka-Bayan.

Q&A session with students and a mock election were held at the end of the forum.