Aspiring Red Spartans, take BatStateUCAT

This year’s batch of hopeful BatStateU students took the BatStateU College Admission Test (BatStateUCAT) on February 17 for SY 2019-2020. This was held simultaneously at six BatStateU campuses namely: Pablo Borbon Main (PBM) I, PBM II, JPLPC-Malvar, Rosario, Lipa, and ARASOF-Nasugbu.

To be eligible for the test, an applicant must be a graduating senior high school student with no grade lower than 80-percent if he/she wishes to pursue a board degree program. According to the Testing and Admission Office headed by Dr. Anna Maria V. Rivera, a total of 17, 433 aspirants submitted their application online which is more than 10-percent higher than last year’s 15, 000+ applicants.

Results are expected to be released on March.