AACCUP Accrediting Team Evaluates BSA & BSBA Programs for Level III Phase II Accreditation Survey Visit


The College of Accountancy, Business, Economics, and International Hospitality Management (CABEIHM) underwent Level III Phase II Accreditation Survey Visit for the programs, BS Accountancy (BSA) and BS Business Administration (BSBA) by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP). Attended by university officials, department chairs and faculty members, the event took place at the Lecture Room, International Affairs Office, CITE Building, BatStateU Pablo Borbon Main I, Batangas City on May 15.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Erma B. Quinay expressed her sincerest gratitude to the panel of accreditors mentioning that their efforts in helping the university in ensuring continuous quality improvement are highly appreciated. “You personified the true reason that education is a giving and sharing profession” said Dr. Quinay as she pertains to the accreditors.  In addition, Dr. Quinay shared that the administration thru the leadership of President Tirso A. Ronquillo strongly supports the endeavours of the college in achieving quality education.

Director for Internal Assessment Unit, Assoc. Prof. Mario G. Bukas introduced the founder and the Executive Director of AACCUP, Dr. Manuel T. Corpus who also thanked the university and the CABEIHM for their warm hospitality.

The accrediting team comprised of Dr. Corpus, Dir. Aurora E. Casuga of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMMSU), Prof. Jerome D. Soriano of Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU), and Dr. Liceria G. Enteria of DMMMSU were able to assess both programs thru an audio visual presentation which featured the achievements and accomplishments of the college in the areas of instruction and extension services (mandatory areas), faculty development, library, and research (chosen areas).

After the presentation, a Q & A session was conducted. The questions asked were related to licensure examinations, employment rate, scholarship programs for faculty members, library services, published research journals and the involvement of students in extension projects.

During the session, the accreditors commended the performance of the college in the area of extension services where they mentioned that the extension projects conducted were related to both programs and were gender-responsive at the same time. Moreover, they also shared suggestions in some areas for further improvement in preparation for level IV accreditation.

Dean of CABEIHM, Dr. Bendalyn M. Landicho with Associate Dean, Assoc. Prof. Gina D. Bonifacio, Director for Extension Services, Asst. Prof. Armando V. Mendoza, Jr., and Director for Research Management Services, Dr. Emil C. Alcantara also graced the event.