BatStateU, DILG, LYDO, NYC Lead SK Mandatory Training – Training of Trainers

With the upcoming National Barangay Elections scheduled on May 14, 2018, Batangas State University in cooperation with the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Local Youth Development Office (LYDO) and National Youth Commission (NYC) held a program dubbed as, Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Mandatory Training- Training of Trainers (TOT) on May 3 at the Lecture Room, International Affairs Office, CITE Building, BatStateU Pablo Borbon Main I, Batangas City.

The TOT was planned to help the chosen mentors fully understand the main points to consider on teaching good governance to the anticipated new set of youth leaders. Over 60 officials, faculty members and extension coordinators participated in the activity.

During the program, three mandatory training modules were given to each participant. These focuses on decentralization and local governance, SK history and salient features, meetings and resolutions, planning and budgeting, and code of conduct and ethical standards.

In his message, BatStateU President Tirso A. Ronquillo mentioned that the trainers must inspire the youth leaders to learn and instill the sense of responsibility as they shape their young minds and talents. As future contributors to change and development, he stressed one of most important ethics [morality] every leader must exhibit by sharing the university’s six core values; faith, patriotism, human dignity, integrity, mutual respect and excellence.

The resource persons during the event were, Local Government Operations Officer (LGOO) II Eunice A. Sales from DILG IV-A, LGOO V Joseph N. Soriano from DILG Batangas and Regional Coordinator Jose A. Cielos from NYC.

Under the SK Reform Law, Republic Act 10742, any SK official whether elected or appointed, or any member of the LYDO must undergo the mandatory training programs before they assume into office.

In line with this, after the National Barangay Elections, the new officers will undergo a whole day SK Mandatory Training per batch slated for May 17-26. The training is expected to accommodate 6, 500 participants from the province of Batangas to be conducted at four BatStateU campuses.