Student Leaders Join GAD Orientation

“We believe that you [student leaders] will be able to contribute to the advocacy of the University for Gender Equality” said Assoc. Prof. Maria Theresa A. Hernandez, Asst. Director for Gender and Development (GAD) as she formally received the participants during the GAD orientation for student leaders entitled, “Linking Gender Advocacy and Student Leadership” on April 24, 2018.

More than 60 BatStateU student leaders convened at the Lecture Room, CITE Building, BatStateU Pablo Borbon Main I, Batangas City to further intensify their knowledge on GAD related issues and concerns.

The orientation featured keynote talks from the experts of the university. Atty. Alvin R. De Silva, Director for Internal Audit lectured on Anti Sexual Harassment Act where he taught the participants on how to address such issues properly. He pointed out, “It is the duty of our government to protect its citizens from all forms of abuse” as he stressed the importance of such law.








Asst. Director Hernandez ended the first session by sharing some of the mechanisms of the university against sexual disturbances in order to achieve a sexual harassment – free university. One of which is educating the Red Spartans through the distribution of IEC (information, education & communication) materials, implementation of awareness campaigns, seminars and capacity building trainings. She also shared that these initiatives will enable the university to adapt a gender responsive academic community that fosters a culture of respect and equity.

To define equality among men and women, Ms. Dianne S. Cullar from the College of Arts and Sciences tackled Sex and Gender Concepts. Meanwhile, Dr. Lucille D. Evangelista, the Director for Student Affairs and Services talked about Gender Stereotyping.

After the lectures, the participants were able to engage in written exercises which focused on gender related activities. A Bem Androgyny Test, a way of judging how masculine or feminine a person is, was also given to the participants as part of the session on Sex and Gender Concepts.