Guidance Counsellors Attend Seminar on Basic HIV & AIDS Information and SOGIE

BatStateU Guidance and Counselling Office in cooperation with the Gender and Development Office (GAD) led a seminar entitled, Capacity Building of Educational Institution Personnel on Basic HIV & AIDS Information-Peer Counselling, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identities and Expressions (SOGIE). The event served as a learning opportunity for the University’s Guidance Counselors and was held simultaneously with BatStateU’s Guidance and Counselling Awareness Week. It was conducted on March 2, 2018 at the Lecture Room, International Affairs Office, CITE Building, BatStateU Pablo Borbon Main I.

As Asst. Prof. Renan T. Mallari, Asst. Director for Guidance and Counselling delivers his opening remarks, he congratulated the facilitating officials and the participants for their efforts and expressed gratitude for the support on the week-long activity.

Mr. Ulyssis Michael Borres and Mr. Romulo Gajor, Jr. of TLF Sexuality, Health and Right Educators (SHARE) Collective Inc. served as guest speakers who shared their expertise to the participants during the last day of the week-long event. Issues on HIV & AIDS & Youth, Peer Education, HIV & AIDS Core Messages, Risk Continuum, Wildfire, SOGIE were discussed during the seminar.

The main objective of the said seminar is to impart to the Guidance Counsellors the right way on how to address questions related on HIV and AIDS and to develop skills to be a much effective peer educator. Activities were conducted to enhance their knowledge in addressing issues related to HIV/AIDS.

For the closing remarks, Assoc. Prof. Maria Theresa Hernandez delivered her message to thank all the participants for making the seminar possible.