First Kapihan with the University President for 2017

              Dr. Tirso A. Ronquillo met with the personnel of the newly created Office for the External Affairs and ICT headed by Prof. Rogelio Antenor on January 9, 2017 for a Kapihan with the President at the Lecture Room, International Affairs Office, CITE Bldg., Main Campus I to relay his plans on positioning the University to be one of the leading academe in the global arena. The event was attended by the Director of External Affairs, Assoc. Prof. Edzel Gamab, newly designated Director of Public Relations, Asst. Prof. Armando V. Mendoza Jr., Director of ICT, Assoc. Prof. Alex Magboo ,the new Assistant Director for Alumni Affairs, Dr. Agnes Arellano and VP Rogelio Antenor.

              The President through his presentation entitled “Positioning BSU at the Forefront of Development Through External Linkages and Efficient ICT Services” shared every milestone BatStateU had reaped over a period of time and how these milestones would be addressed to the general public  as he challenged the Office to involve modalities of internationalization to properly and effectively communicate with people. He even, urged the Public Relations Office to conduct orientation programs, produce newsletters, come up with radio programs and use social media.

                Exchange of views and ideas between the University President and External Affairs and ICT personnel was done over coffee and rice cakes, creating an interesting and relaxing discussion.

             The “Kapihan with the President” aims to provide a venue for the University’s stakeholders to share ideas for greater efficiency and productivity through conversations and discussions. It also aims to make them feel a deeper sense of ownership in the outcomes of certain decisions, thus supporting the administration in the implementation of such decisions.

first kapihan with University President photo 1