BatStateU hosts IRCBESS 2016

         Batangas State University hosted the 2016 International Research Conference on Business, Education and Social Sciences (IRCBESS 2016) last December 20-21, 2016 with the theme “Responding to the Challenges of Globalization through Innovative Researches in Business, Education and Social Sciences”.

            IRCBESS 2016 is a the two-day conference held at BatStateU Pablo Borbon Main Campus I which primarily aims to provide an avenue of opportunity for local and international researchers to organize and share the research practices for the continuous development and productivity of faculty and student researchers in the areas of business, education and social sciences. It is part of the efforts of the University to promote a greater degree of engagement in multidisciplinary research and practices.

          The research conference was attended by 142 local and international delegates. It featured parallel paper presentations and poster presentation in the fields of business, education and social sciences. There was a total of 117 research papers and 13 poster presentations.

        One of the highlights of the international research conference was the plenary sessions by different renowned resource speakers. The topics were: (1) Transcending Boundaries of Disciplines for Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities by Dr. Ma. Victoria O Espaldon, University of the Philippines-Los Baños; (2) ASEAN University Network- Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) by Dr. Serlie B. Jamias, University of the Philippines-Los Baños; (3) Strategic Global Marketing Essentials by Dr. Paul J. Di Blasi, Compliance Bridge, USA and Polytechnic University of the Philippines; (4) Responding to the Challenges of Globalization Through Innovative Research in Education by Dr. Safary Wa-Mbaleka, Adventist International Institute of advance Studies and Asian Qualitative Research Association.

           BatStateU will be hosting another international research conference this coming 2017 focusing on the fields of Engineering, Science and Technology.